1 Q: What is MyMAT?
  A: MyMAT is Malaysian Mosquito Autocidal Trap. It is used as a supplementary device to the existing method of killing and repeal mosquitoes for a long term solution in home.
2 Q: What is the function of MyMAT?
  A: MyMAT trap and kill the adult mosquitoes by trapping them on the sticky ring and kill the larvae of Aedes by use of Bti (larvicide) and also by suffocating the larvae when it reaches certain stage.
3 Q: How MyMAT attracts Mosquitoes (Aedes)?
  A: MyMAT is used to attract adult mosquitoes to the device and trap them on the sticky ring surface and kill them. If a female mosquito manage to lay eggs into the water on the fine mesh netting, the immature stage will be drowned beneath the netting or killed by larvicide (Bti) contained in the water. The longer MyMAT is in use, the more effective it becomes in attracting mosquitoes.
4 Q: How important are all the components of MyMAT?
  A: To ensure MyMAT working effectively, all the components is important especially floater & sticky ring.
5 Q: How frequent to add water and Bti in the water?
  A: Water can be refills as anytime necessary or whenever the water level is low. MyMAT should be checked frequently (1 x/week). Bti can be added whenever total refill of water required.
6 Q: Where to place MyMAT?
  A: MyMAT can be placed indoors (bedroom, kitchen, living room, bath room etc.) and outdoors (shoes rack, in shaded areas) wherever there are a lot of mosquitoes. Avoid direct sunlight and shall not be placed above 5ft from the floor.
7 Q: What type of glue to reapply on the sticky ring?
  A: Any water proof glue can be reapplied on the sticky ring.
8 Q: What is the distance of MyMAT to one another, in case of multiple installations?
  A: Approximately 6 meters apart.