Auto Stance Wheel


Wheelchair Dental Recliner

Introducing the Innovative Solution

STANCE WHEEL is a new innovative equipment specially designed for the wheelchair bound dental patients.
  • Dental treatment or procedures can be done directly at the comfort of patient’s wheelchair and Dentist chair.
  • By simply pressing reclining button, the desired position of the patients can be achieved.
  • User friendly, fast set up and easy handling.
  • Designed and made for durability and storability.
  • Safe and ergonomic.

Comforts On Wheelchair

Medical Apparatus Auto Stance Wheel
Simply pull patient on wheelchair towards Stance Wheel

Medical Apparatus Auto Stance Wheel
Tilt the patient on wheelchair to desired position with a press of a button

Medical Apparatus Auto Stance Wheel
Dentist works on patient's dental with ease and comforts


Auto Stance Wheel


Max Patient Weight 190 kg
Max Patient Height 160 cm
Maximum Incline 80°
Unit Weight 60 kgs
Unit Dimension  
Height 1237.5 mm
Width 735.2 mm
Length 1030.1 mm

Auto Stance Wheel

Our Quality

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